Why YOU Should Be A Member of Southeastern Grain & Feed Association, Inc.

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Reuel W. Elton, in his book "Trade Association Management: gives the following reasons for today's business leaders joining trade associations:

1. They believe in the association and its objectives.

2. They use the services of the organization.

3. They like to attend meetings.

4. They appreciate contacts and companionship.

5. They want to join because their friends belong.

6. They seek personal preference and recognition.

7. They want to keep informed on trade matters.

8. They are "good people."

9. They obtain educational advantages.

10. They want to improve the industry.

11. They want to improve the business methods and efficiency of their plans.

12. They want to fight unfair legislation and taxation.

13. They want social and recreational features.

14. They want to work with competitors on mutual problems.

Any one of the above reasons would justify your being a member of the Southeastern Grain and Feed Association, Inc.



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